Industries like banking and broking are very vast and complex in nature since they have to keep tabs on thousands of transactions on a day to day basis and in many cases, crucial business all over the globe. This work demands an unyielding level of accuracy; while still maintaining a rapport within large organisations with many branches spread all over the country, possibly the world and relationship building with customers can become a tiresome activity; Even for machines!

Machines that have to accommodate a task like communication does deserve a separate layer of technology to function on rather than run on core banking platforms, as suggested by Craig Le Claire- Vice president and Principal Analyst for Forrester. Lack of flexibility and agility in this area must be combatted since it is crucial because enhanced interactions are known to extract more value from customers.

According to research from Fujitsu 1/3 would move banks for a richer customer service with wider means to interact; 35% of whom use phones (not even including those in rural areas who aren’t computer literate)Unified communications makes this easier across the entire expanse of your organisation, thus it makes sense to pay attention to pay attention and invest in functions that are closer to employee and customer communication. Investment in technological advancement that is flexible, scalable and user friendly in customer care management is the promise of a better future since it is an essential part of business which keeps going through change. Such systems are especially convenient when it provides mobility like our products, since that increases the power of doing things immediately in real time even if you’re on the move and that improves efficiency.

It also aids an individual to stay connected to the collective intelligence of the company and enables one to take advantage of all information from colleagues’ specialist expertise quickly, assuring a job that is done better, which leads to customer delight and  Just in Time Conferencing and Collaboration leads to faster decision making.

Datacom established itself as one of the leading partners of AVAYA. Using AVAYA IP Office Voice solution platform Datacom has implemented various dealing room solutions in various banking and broking firms.

As per RBI guidelines a recording of each and every dealing room conversation is mandatory. To match this requirement perfectly Avaya has developed a powerful recording solution called “contact recorder” to record inbound, outbound and internal organization communication irrespective of type of trunks and End user phone module.

AVAYA phones with multiple one touch button modules are very helpful in a dealing room where quick response to caller is important in order to win/grab a deal.

Avaya supports unique dealing room features like Call barge -in, call whisper ,call recording are help chief dealer to enhance productivity of  dealing room.

  • Datacom has implemented dealing room setup in various banks

  • Canara bank,Allahabad bank,Canara securities,Corp bank security ,Canara robaco

  • Broking firms like Govindram and company, Antique limited.